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Boning Wu 吴博宁

I am an assistant professor at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics in China. I study the dynamics in semiconductors and ionic liquids using ultrafast spectroscopy and simulation methods.


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Boning Wu


2018.1 - 2020.9


Postdoc scholar,  Department of Chemistry, Stanford University (Professor Michael D. Fayer)

2012.9 -  2017.12

Ph. D.,  Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University (Professor Edward W. Castner, Jr.)

2008.9 - 2012.7


Bachelor of Science, Department of Chemical Physics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) (Professor Xiaodong Ye)


2018                     Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, Rutgers University.  

2017                     Reid Award, Rutgers Chemistry.

2016                     Van Dyke Award, Rutgers Chemistry.

2013                     Chemistry 171 Teaching Excellence Award, Rutgers Chemistry.

2008 - 2012         Excellent student Silver Award for 2 times and Bronze Award for 2 times, USTC.



Ultrafast Spectroscopy (2D-IR, TCSPC), 2D-NMR, Cyclic Voltammetry, High-Energy X-ray Scattering, Synthesis (basic)


Molecular Dynamics Simulations (GROMACS), Electronic Structure Calculations(Gaussian)


Fortran 90, MATLAB, Python, bash (basic), C (basic).